Locate Desk Organisers

A customisable desk organiser with interlocking and stacking Jesmonite® trays, allowing for expandable storage, personalised to you, right on your desk.

The Locate range of customisable desk organisation is the result of my own messy desk, I (as many people) am constantly losing things and need somewhere to keep the little bits and bobs on my desk. The small cast Jesmonite trays are perfectly sized to hold anything from paperclips to memory sticks, and the quarter-round feet allow the tray to be positioned anywhere in the pegboard lattice. The pots can even be stacked vertically on top of each other, meaning you can store as many as you wish off the one base. The solid Ash base also has four grooves that can be positioned on either side of the piece for holding pens and pencils.

This product was developed for, and then sold in a range of student organised Pop-up shops that occurred on the Plymouth University campus throughout 2019/20:


• The Levinsky studios Popup Shop: 22.10.2019

• Levinsky studios Christmas Popup: 5-7.12.2019

• LS Popup- Valentine’s edition: 12-14.02.2020



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